Advanced Oxidation Technology
  • Item No. : Photo catalyst AOT
  • Product Name : Advanced Oxidation Technology
Description :
Photo Catalyst AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) Technology is a new topic for the applications and research .We developed Photo Catalyst AOT waste water treatment technology ,that give our customers a simple and economic solution ,also we offer a way to reuse water。

Photo Catalyst AOT waste water treatment technology can be used for VOCs、 NOx、NH3、 Sox air pollution control.  

Features :
1.High oxygen mixing ratio
2.Enough reacting times
3.More reaction contact surface
4.Fast reacting speed
5.Module designed equipments

Specification :
Model No. Application
Residential fish nursing
Residential drinking water
TAOT-3 Cooling tower
Waste water treatment 1
TAOT-5 Waste water treatment 2