• Product Name : Bio-JFM Technology
Description :
Water is a valuable resource for economic development. Due to the tightened wastewater discharge requirements and collection of wastewater fees, all industries are looking for the solution of water reclamation. Therefore, reasonable water reclamation applications will be more popular than ever. It is a great dedication to the whole environment.
Features :
The system is a patented and commercialized wastewatertreatment systmen. It comes with physical proccess(automatic collection of oil and scum), chemical oxidation (jet flotation). Biological process (high load aerobic microorganisms) and micro filtration(0.1-0.2 micron) plus photo catalyst purification. Aftertreatment, the water will definitely meet the highest discharge requirements, and perfect for toilet fushing, gardening, irrigating, car washing and the first step of industrial manufacturing. This system does not need any replacement element; it is a low initial cost, reasonable operation cost and no secondary pollutants system. This system is a perfect product for water saving policy and is win -win solution for al users.
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