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Membrane Bio-reactors (MBR) is the new proprietary submerged membranes to remove SS and replace conventional filtration and combines clarification, aeration and sludge digestion into one, simpler and smaller process step. This enables the treated water to be reused.

●Food processing, Slaughter, Livestock, Petrochemical Industry, Chemical /Textile industry, Municipal water, Hotel and so on.
●Handles wide variety of influents of different qualities.
●High chemical oxygen demand of waste water.

Regarding to all the reports about MBR treated waste water around the world, it eliminates COD 95-99%, removes SS 97-99% and reduces sludge production volume 50-75%. In the waste water with high chemical oxygen demand, some pollution source is with biodegradation, but some is hard gradated. By the conventional filtration treatment, it is not easy to eliminate high COD with biodegradation, requested by using large chemicals and caused to increase the volumes of sludge production. However, MBR replaces the conventional filtration, not only increase MLSS to 5000- 30000 ppm, but also reduces bioreactor / plant footprint by 3 to 5 times.

Furthermore, MBR clogs hard degradable ones and prolong stop in the reactor, enable them to be dissolved easier.
Outside of Diameter of membrane tube 400um
Thick of membrane tube wall 40-45um
Diameter of membrane hole 0.1-0.2um
Porosity 40-50%
Turbidity ≦0.2NTU
Longitudinal intensity 120Mpa
Permeability coefficient 7.0 x 10-2/cm2 s cm Hg
Features :
MBR (Membrane Bio-reactors)
Replaces secondary clarifier in conventional waste treatment systems
Reduces sludge production
Reduces bioreactor/plant footprint by 3 to 5 times
Handles wide variety of influents of different qualities.
Consistent ad better treated water quality.
Reduces recycling plant treatment costs
Acts as pre-treatment unit for subsequent RO in water recycling.
Eliminates turbidity, bacteria, viruses ad cysts.

●Fits in existing process tanks or clarifies, eliminate the organics in the water.
●Solid-liquid separated, treated water without SS and turbidity, bacteria, viruses and cysts, and also to be reused by toilet, watering.
●By the condition of high MLSS, consistent and better treated water quality and reduce plant footprint.
●Reduces sludge production
●Handles wide variety of influents of different qualities.
Reduce cost

a. Low running cost, simple maintenance,no back washing.

b. Treated water reused directly.

c. Without additional chemicals demanded.

Small footprint a. No settling tank or sludge concentration tank requested.

Stable &

high quality effluent

a. Eliminates turbidity, bacteria, viruses and cysts.

b. Intercepting difficult dissolved molecular, increasing grow-up organisms.

c. Longer stop of sludge and polymer, increasing organisms.

Reduce Pollution

a. Interception Biomass completely.

b. No stink.

c. Keep F/M low, reduce sludge volumes.

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